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Fetish.com is a BDSM dating site that geared towards people with all different types of fetishes. Users, who are into BDSM, fetishes, role playing and just plain kinky can visit any of the dungeons and playrooms to explore and share their desires and meet others who share their sexual interest. The site has many free features and there seems to be absolutely any information on whether or not there is an upgrade or if that upgrade costs. It does have a mobile app which makes exploring the site from anywhere simple and easy. Judging by the few testimonials available the site does seem to be quite popular in the U.K.

After a thorough search, we are sad to say that there doesn't seem to be a great deal of information regarding the site, and what information we could find was mainly from the site itself. This suggests that this site may not be as popular as other BDSM dating sites that are available to try.

Features of Fetish.com

Fetish.com has some features that potential users and users of this site might find helpful.

Search options include searches by specific fetishes
Free chat allows new members to chat with others
There is a place where you can read what other people are into, write about your own interests and share with others your experiences
You can get your profile authenticated for free so other members know that you are a real person
You can find fetish parties around the world
A forum for learning more about your fetish or simply for sharing your own experiences with others
Munches allow people new to BDSM to take part in a low-pressure social gathering and learn more about BDSM or their particular fetish

Pros and Cons of Fetish.com

There are some positive aspects to this site as well as one substantial negative. Here are the pros and cons that we found that may be helpful to you.


  • The site itself gives more information that many other BDSM dating sites, which may be helpful in determining if this is a site you want to explore
  • Searching for people who share your interest is simple and easy
  • The site offers you several ways to communicate with others and having free chat is something most sites don't offer
  • You can find real-life fetish parties so you can take your fantasies into the real world


  • Outside of the site itself, it is difficult to find any information about Fetish.com including whether or not that is a membership upgrade or if it costs anything to be a member of the site

For those interested in exploring what Fetish.com has to offer you can visit the site here: www.fetish.com.

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